Diamonds For Eyes

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if i ever misgender you:

  1. it is not on purpose i promise
  2. im very sorry
  3. tell me your correct pronouns and ill use them
  4. spray me with cold water

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Frida Gustavsson by Camilla Akrans
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the four horsemen of the apocalypse
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untitled by 晴天 / Angel on Flickr.
16 notes Also had a great time with the guys from Games Quest playing Magic The Gathering :D
4 notes Had a great time at Insomnia 51 this weekend! Went down with the lovely team at Gateway Interactive and their game Spectra. Met loads of really nice people down there! :D 
We’re all going down to I52 in august with our arcade cabinets as well as a whole new game! Tickets are on sale now if you want to come down for a weekend of everything to do with gaming!
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Signature family underside
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That Special Touch of Photographic Magic
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this is my happy place
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